Latest Prayer Points

  1. Pray for all the victims of Hurricane Irma and for all those involved in the relief efforts. Please do not forget also all the victims of the flooding in South East Asia, especially in Nepal and Bangladesh. Pray that in their adversity their attention will be drawn to God and that they will seek Him (see Job 36:15). Also pray that Christians will respond generously (see Isaiah 58).
  2. Pray for the 'Brexit' negotiations and for all those involved, that through this process God's will for the UK, and for the EU, will be achieved.
  3. Pray that many in our nation will seek the truth. Pray for a renewed hunger for God's Word, and that people will have a desire to read the Word and know the truth for themselves.
  4. Pray that God's Word will be taught faithfully in churches throughout Britain, that the church will be a protector of God's Word, and not bow to pressure to follow modern thinking.
  5. Pray that the Lord's will be done in our nation and that we will be strong and hold firmly to Him in times of difficulty.
  6. Pray for those who are vulnerable in our society, especially our children and young people, that they will be protected from abuse by ungodly teaching.
  7. Pray that all those who belong to the Lord will come humbly before Him, and, turning in repentance from sinful ways, pray for the healing of our land.
  8. Pray that our hearts will not become hardened to the increasingly difficult circumstances of those suffering persecution, especially those Christians suffering in predominantly Muslim countries. Pray especially at this time for those returning to Mosul and pray that aid will quickly get through to these homeless and destitute people.

13th September, 2017